“I have been a client of Howie Chiropractic since April 2009. It changed my life. I love not having to make appointments and wait. I can go by anytime he is open, get an adjustment and be on my way. The really terrific part of this is I am not using my insurance. The co-pay for insurance was more than his monthly fee. The insurance would limit me to ten weeks per year. At Howie Chiropractic, I can go twice a day if I need it and five times a week for less than my insurance co-pay with all the limitations. This is almost the best thing I have ever done! If you are still fighting with your insurance company about chiropractic care, just forget it and visit Howie Chiropractic and let your body heal itself.”
– Patti

“No frills, no gimmicks either! Serious about just helping people to live healthier by having a well-aligned spine! We visit nearly everyday! Great with children! My four fight over who gets to be adjusted first!”
– Lorene

“Me, my brother, and sister see Dr. Howie everyday. My mom says that my spine is important for a healthy life because it controls everything I do. I think it’s made me smarter. I got the highest grade in my class last week. So, I guess she’s right!”
– Charlie (age 11)

“If I had to pick up cans on the side of the road to come up with the monthly fee, I’d do it!”
– Richard