What is a Spinal Subluxation?
There are twenty six movable bones of the spine. These bones house and protect the delicate nerve tissue within them. If these bones misalign they can put pressure on this delicate nerve tissue and interfere with the vital information that this nerve tissue transmits from the brain to the body. These bone misalignments result in what chiropractors call spinal subluxations. The brain’s ability to regulate and control the many functions of the body; including its cells, organs, glands, and chemistry, just to name a few, can be interfered with by these spinal subluxations. These spinal subluxations not only affect nerves and their functioning, they also interfere with the proper functioning of the inborn self-regulating mechanism of the body that helps keep the body functioning at its optimum potential. Chiropractors refer to this phenomenon as the Innate Intelligence of the body.

What causes a Spinal Subluxation?
Everyday stresses of life, be it physical stress, emotional stress, or chemical stress, overcome the body’s natural abilities of adaptation. Many of these stresses that occur in our hectic lives are not natural and it makes it harder for our body to adapt to them. Physical stresses include slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions and improper lifting. Even incorrectly sitting, standing, and sleeping over periods of time can lead to these spinal subluxations. Emotional stresses caused by anger, tension, overworking, lack of sleep and finances, just to name a few, can result in spinal subluxations. Chemical stresses such as alcohol, drugs, pollution and poor diet can affect the tone of the muscles and lead to spinal subluxations. Any of these environmental stresses can cause the bones of the spine to subluxate and not allow the body to perform at its maximum.

How do I know if I have a Spinal Subluxation?
You can have a spinal subluxation and you may not even know about it. Much like tooth decay or cancer, a IC_Subluxation_Image.jpgspinal subluxation can be present for a long time before any warning signs appear. Many times the first spinal subluxation may occur during the birth process when we are wrenched and pulled from our mother’s womb. When the body is unable to adapt to all the many everyday environmental stresses, they overcome the resistance of the body’s muscles and ligaments causing the spinal bones, or vertebrae, to misalign and many times we are not even aware of it. There is only one sure way to know if you have a subluxation and that is by being under the care of a skilled chiropractor.

Chiropractic helps correct Spinal Subluxation
We can and should make every effort to keep our spines as free as possible of these spinal subluxations. Some spinal subluxations may be prevented by common-sense living, but many will still occur. It is important that we get our spines checked regularly by our chiropractor in order to correct spinal subluxations as soon as they occur. Chiropractic care is essential to optimum body performance. A properly functioning nerve system enables the body to reach its fullest potential in restoring and maintaining health, as well as, enhancing all the other areas of life such as job performance, academic excellence, and athletic accomplishment.

Get your spine checked on a regular basis and experience the chiropractic difference for yourself!