Why children 17 and under are always included in their parents’ plan…

Children need care before birth

Every beneficial thing that a pregnant woman does for herself also benefits the baby growing inside her. Conversely, every detrimental thing a mother does to herself is also harmful to the baby. For that nine month period, the mother and the developing child share everything, the beneficial and the harmful. It is essential for a mother to be under regular chiropractic care during the entire pregnancy. When the mother’s body is working properly, the developing baby will grow and develop better and be delivered in the easiest and most efficient manner possible.

Children need care after birth

The first spinal misalignments may occur during the birthing process. That is why parents who understand the benefits of chiropractic have their children checked as soon after birth as possible. By correcting spinal misalignments at an early age, damaging effects can be prevented. The longer a bone misalignment is present, the greater the effects of the interference to the nerve system. Many people who come in for the first time as adults would have had more potential in life if they had been under care as children. Besides, with all the falls, accidents, and active lives of most children, regular visits to the chiropractor are essential for proper development.