The messages that travel from the brain and down the spinal cord control every single function in the body. Every cell, organ, gland and function of the body depend upon the proper flow of life from the brain and spinal cord to perform at its best. Any one of the bones of the spine can misalign from everyday stresses of life and put pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This is called a spinal subluxation. A spinal subluxation can interfere with the messages from the brain to the body and effect every part of life. The human body is better able to deal with everyday stresses of life when the nerve system is working free of nerve interference.

At Howie Chiropractic, we are experts at finding and helping the body correct these spinal subluxations which relieves pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This enables the body to function at its maximum which helps it reach its full potential in all aspects of life. We recommend lifetime care for every human being because stresses happen on a lifetime basis. This facility provides each person the care that their body requires, at a price that is affordable, to allow them to perform and live life at their fullest potential. Our fee system, as well as, our procedures reflect these recommendations.

Howie Chiropractic is a Spinal Adjustment Facility that specializes in bringing these services to you. Stop by our office, give us a call or email us below. We are here to serve you and your entire family.